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Up Close and Personal Evening of Trance Mediumship

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Up Close and Personal Evening of Trance Mediumship

Personal evening of physical trance mediumship

Enjoy an evening full of energy where you get the chance to see up close and personal trance mediumship with International Medium Nick Humphries, as he sits for spirit in the most powerful yet loving way. Nick will demonstrate trance by bringing forward his guides and helpers from the spirit world, to give answers and guidance to your question.

What to expect:

The evening will be set by candlelight with an added glow of a red light to set the mood. Using a red light is traditional to help the observers see spirit more clearly. This enhances the viewing experience and the features of the visiting spirit and the energy around the medium. During the evening you will meet Two Hawks and Dr John. You will then be given the opportunity to put your questions to Nick's Spirit guides and maybe a few more spirits as the veil is lifted.

During the process of spirit entering Nick's physical body you will notice Nick's face contorting as they manipulate the muscle in his face to show their own facial features. Nick's voice will also change so it is their own, so don't be too scared of what happens as he has a trusting relationship with spirit. You may also notice things like orbs, lights or colours, you might also see spirit or spirit energy around Nick

This is not scary. It is a very powerful experience and one not to be missed as your loved ones may even make a visit to say hello. Bring with you something personal to a loved that has passed to see if we can bring them forward although there is no guarantee.

if you have always wanted to know more about spirit or have a Question that you have always wanted to ask spirit, then this is the show for you.
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